Pillars 2 mindstalker build

Please note that this Build Guide was updated for the 5. The Debonaire Rogue class specializes in Charming enemies, and it receives the Roguish Charm ability which Charms enemies, and that only costs 1 Guile. Note that Hit to Crit works against Charmed enemies, not Dominated ones. The downside of playing a Debonaire Rogue is that it cannot engage enemies, making Persistent Distractionwhich is one of the best passive abilities in game, unavailable.

Enemies will do the work for you with this build. The Beguiler Subclass also grants Deception Cipher spells increased range and restores Focus whenever Deception spells have been successfully cast on an enemy that is vulnerable to Sneak Attack. We are fighting from long range so Resolve is not that needed, meaning you can reduce it and put points elsewhere.

Below is the spread I went with, to give you some idea what to go for. Races that work best for this build are the ones that provide bonuses to above mentioned Attributes in any way.

Here is a list of races that work best:. Your primary weapon setup should be Dual Pistolswith proficiency in Pistols. The great thing about Pistols is that they are ranged weapons, which increases your survivability and gives the option to cast spells from afar. This allows you to Charm enemies left and right and picking them off one by one without being in too much danger. Armor should be lighter in order to have reduced Recovery Time, unless you play on Turn-Based where you can get away with Medium or Heavy Armor.

There are many options since, as mentioned above, this is not an equipment dependent build. Whisper of Treason is a level 1 ability that Charms enemies.

That gives you already 2 Charming abilities at level 1, which can be very beneficial. Phantom Foes is the second Ability that is a must have. The next must have Ability is Ringleader. It Dominates one target and Charms enemies around it, making it a perfect fit for this build. Mind Plague is a good example. Here is a list of must have Abilities. These are not all the points you can spend, so do you have wiggle room to add anything you like to the build.Between pure classes, sub-classes, and now multiclassing, the number of combinations is astronomical, which probably has you asking -- what's the best Pillars Of Eternity 2 multiclass available?

Below we cover two of the most monstrous combos that can deal insane amounts of damage or withstand devastating punishment in any combat situation!

pillars 2 mindstalker build

These two builds can even potentially solo the game. This is a very, very specific build revolving entirely around a single weapon that makes the Monk's Swift Flurry ability continuously activate. To make this build work, you need to go one-handed with a single blunderbuss -- in this case, a specific enchantable blunderbuss called the Kitchen Stove.

The weapon is picked up from Dereo the Lean, who is located by exploring the Gullet Narrows and killing some guards. Trade some relic found in the under-city beneath the Gullet for the Kitchen Stove, which can be enchanted with Wild Barrage to bounce multiple shots between enemies. What you want to do is have the Monk ability Swift Flurry increase your attack speed, and then launch extra free attacks each time you crit.

Combined with the weapon's enchantment, you will get an absurd number of shots from one single attack. Groups of enemies will go down nearly instantly, and you don't even need party members to help in the fight. When combined with the Ranger's Driving Flight ability, which causes each attack to hit other targets, the numbers get astounding.

Any given attack will likely end up bouncing dozens of times, utterly annihilating all enemies in its path. Combining with any ability that reduces reload speed, like Gunner or the Frantic Reload enchantmentwill just further increase the carnage. This particular combo is so effective and bounces so often that if you come across an enemy resistant to the damage who doesn't quickly die, the bullet will keep going so long that it can actually crash the game!

Keep a secondary weapon or ability in-hand for bosses that are immune to damage so you can keep playing. Note that it is entirely possible this was an unintended usage of the Swift Flurry ability with this particular weapon, so try out the build now before it ends up getting patched out!

Your Chanter side will take on the role of summonerbringing out tons of allies to fight for you. Your secondary focus should be on anything that heals you while hampering the enemy to work well with the various abilities of either the Paladin or Barbarian.

Picking the Beckoner sub-class for Chanter gives you even more minions, although each will be more squishy. With how many you will have out, however, they don't need to last very long.

If you want to focus on survival and using your Chanter abilities more often while wading into combat, go with Skald. Your summons cost more because they count as non-offensive chants, but that is offset because you get extra phrases to use when landing crits.

Either way, the automatic chants offered with the Chanter class is where things get overpowered. Pick anything that hurts the enemy, heals you, or gives you huge defensive bonuses and you won't need to worry about most combats.


For your secondary class, you want either Paladin to keep yourself alive, or Barbarian for the frenzies to increase your damage and shouts for crowd control. On the Paladin side, picking an order that grants Lay On Hands immediately is an excellent idea, and Shieldbearer in particular can make you nearly invincible since your Lay On Hands will prevent you from dying for several seconds.

Focus on upgrading your Lay On Hands and picking any auras that give you boosts to armor, regenerate health, or hinder enemies with blindness. No matter what your starting skill, be sure to pick Deep Faith at second level. So long as you roleplay the character in accordance with the Paladin order's beliefs, you get absolutely massive defensive bonuses.

Between your army of monsters and your constant ability to heal damage while wading into melee combat, you will be an absolute powerhouse! Even from level 1, the Chanter can bring out a horde of skeleton allies.

Have you found any other killer Pillars of Eternity 2 multiclass combos we should try out? Let us know your favorite class combination in the comments below! Ty Arthur Featured Contributor. Published May.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support.

Pillars of Eternity 2 Skill Trainer Locations Guide

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Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website.I n this Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire article, we once again bring you 5 new turn-based Buildsthat were designed with only the new game mode in mind.

pillars 2 mindstalker build

These Builds are some of our favorites, and they are quite powerful, even more so than the last 5. The Relentless Fury Build uses the Fury subclass of Druid to make better effect of Elements spells by increasing Range and Penetration by a modest amount. This Build thrives by using spells that render many enemies incapacitated at once, allowing for your team to systematically pick them off.

These abilities render enemies Stunned and unable to take a turn, unless they have Resistance to Might Afflictions. The great thing about these is that they are all different power levels, so you will be able to cast 2 of each per combat, once you get higher level. This skill is beastly when used properly. Single Class Druids will gain this at Level 9, which is quite early. There is no way to effectively increase the Duration of these Stuns because even with 30 Intellectand supposing you Critically Strike, the Duration of the Stun will not increase beyond 1 Round.

However, having high Intellect is recommended for this Build as it will increase the area that these spells effect, and it will make Returning Storm and Relentless Storm themselves last for more Rounds. Because you will be on Crowd Control detail most of the time with this Build, there are not too many Classes that Multiclass well with it. This is because other Classes must add something passively that is better than the increased Power Level gain the Druid gets from being a Single Class.

However, if you do decide to Multiclass it I recommend either a Fighter or a Chanter. In addition, their Conquerer Stance will further increase their Accuracy, and Into the Fray can be used to pull enemies in range if they are too far away. Charge is also great, as it fits the theme of the Crowd Control style of Build. This one ability makes a great case for a Fighter Multiclass, but you will have less spells early on, so you have to decide which is more important.

Chanters provide Chants while they are in combat, which allows the Druid to still focus on their main objective, while also debuffing enemies and buffing allies. There are so many good choices here that I do not need to name them, but Chanters also benefit from a high Intellect, since their Chants will reach further targets both friendly and hostile.

Troubadour is the best choice here to make your Chants last longer. Perception is needed to make sure your spells connect and Intellect is needed to make them last as long as possible, and increase their area size. Consider adding some Constitution because you will need to be on the front lines and will likely take damage.

This Build is not focuses on doing damage as much as it is Crowd Controlling enemies. Thus Might is optional and can be dumped. The Deepstalker focuses on hand-to-hand combat along side its Companion. This allows them to make the most of each Ability they use Primary or Full Attackby allowing them to use the best weapon type for the attack. The Stalker subclass of Ranger is used to gain increased Deflection and Armor, for both the Ranger and their Companion, when fighting near each other.

By fighting in close proximity, the Ranger and its Companion can surround and enemy and gain the Flanking status, further increasing their capabilities.

This allows them to be extremely flexible, and since there is no penalty, they can carry all 3 of these weapon sets. If they take Arms Bearerthey can also place a shield in the 4th slot and swap to that at turns end for max defense.This build was quite powerfull maybe not op but still.

However in this game I would like something even more roguish and the Mindstalker is what I need. So I will post my build here and I hope that some of you will give me advice on how to improve it even more! Also pls don't post anything souding like:. Have in mind that I'm trying to make this build pure melee DpS and therefore it has a lot of DoT abilites at cost of CC ones and I know this build doesn't have almost any defences but this issue can probably be fixed or atleast altered a little with proper team mangement.

I will pick either human or moon godlike. So now you see this build will be op and ultimate only in term of talent choose. Oh and we are going two weapon style! As you can see cipher gains only 3 active abilities. I wonder if it's worth investing 2 points in Backlash for situational encounters only and maybe instead take more cipher active talents for CC? Also does Penetrating Visions affect Soul Whip or spells only? If spells only sth else should be taken on its place.

One more thing. What about skills? I surely need stealth but I've found myself a bit lost about their distribution. It seems there is no hard cap for them only soft and I don't want to put all points in one skill.

What would be max adviced value to put in stealth and mechanics or persuasion skills such as diplomacy, intimidate or bluff to have acces to all dialogue options and locked chests? Alchemy also seem quite nice for poisons periodic damage.

And how team skill sharing exacly work here? I enjoyed that character so much that I was dead set on playing some Cipher variant in PoE2.

Not only is this type of build quite squishy, but micromanagement gets really messy.Join VIP to remove all ads and videos.

Mindstalker is a Multiclass in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire. To acquire this class, you just need to have a Cipher class and a Rogue class. Reaching Max focus grants " Ascended " effect temporarily, increasing power level and reducing power focus cost to 0.

While not Ascended Soul Whip does much less damage, but generate more Focus. When Ascended fades, reduce focus to 0. Bonus : Gains " Soul Annihilation " ability: a soul-enhanced melee strike that consumes the cipher's remaining power pool to converts it into Raw damage on the target.

Shred Cipher spells cost less focus Bonus : Gain Assassinate passive. All abilities are divided into active and passive abilities. Soul Whip. Mind Wave. Whispers of Treason. Valorous Echoes. Antipathetic Field. Soul Shock. Penetrating Visions.

Lingering Echoes. Arms Bearer. Monastic Unarmed Training. Iron Will. Tenuous Grasp. Phantom Foes. Mind Blades. Recall Agony. Psychovampiric Shield. Amplified Thrust.

5 More Turn-Based Builds For Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

Biting Whip. Draining Whip. Weapon and Shield Style. Two-Handed Style. Mental Binding. One-Handed Style. Secret Horrors.

Pillars Of Eternity 2 Build Guide: Puppet Master

Soul Ignition. Pain Link. Ectopsychic Echo.If you've been busy sinking ships and looting their cargo like a proper pirate, the Watcher's skills can be increased significantly by spending money at hidden skill trainers. Heading straight to all these skill trainer locations when you have extra cash on hand will give you an edge in scripted events and help round out the Watcher's abilities if you only focused on a small number of skills at character creation.

Each trainer charges 3, coins to raise one active and one passive skill. Note that there are several other ways to boost your skills without spending money at the hidden trainers scattered across the game, which can be quite expensive if you visit all of them.

pillars 2 mindstalker build

A party-wide bonus is applied to skill checks based on how many party members have points in that skill. By adding a few points in specific skills to all party members, you can effectively bump up the Watcher's skill sets in any given event or dialogue.

Pillars of Eternity 2 Mindstalker Build Guide: Puppet Master

Most of the pets found across the Archipelago also provide some sort of skill or attribute bonusso if you want to bump up a specific stat further without spending money at a trainer, check out our full guide on every single Pillars of Eternity 2 pet location here. If you've got the coins to burn though, let's get started finding all the trainers found from Neketaka to Sayuka! Geirvard Calder is found at the palace in Serpent's Crown.

To reach him, go up to the roof the stairs on the northwest side of the second floorthen take one of the two southern staircases labeled Serpent's Crown. While they seem like they are exits out of the palace, they actually both take you out onto the palace terrace to a small map with a pet and a trainer. The next trainer is also found in the palace in Serpent's Crown, so you can grab him right before or after talking to Geirvard.

If you enter through the palace's lower floor doorway, you will find shieldbearer Granis Yirgar in the Hall Of Remembrance on the east side. If you chose the Paladin of St. Elgca class option at the beginning of the game, he also has some extra surprise dialogue for you about his distinctive armor. Serpent's Crown second trainer location. The trainer named Mark van der Bij is found sitting on the stairs at the east side of Magran's Temple in the Sacred Stair area of Neketaka near the cat pet.

Sacred Stair trainer location. To find this trainer, sail to the far west side of the map to the free city of Dunnage. Kae Polzech is found on the northwest side of the Lifter's Refuge map area the docks where you first land in Dunnage.

Carlo Fortuni is standing directly next to the previous trainer in the Lifter's Refuge section of the free city of Dunnage. Second Dunnage trainer location. Third Dunnage trainer location. After finding the three previous trainers in Dunnage, head over to the Radiant Court map section. You will find Co'el Marcellus on the far east side, near the stairs. Fourth Dunnage trainer location. To find this trainer, sail northwest of Neketaka to a small island with the port town of Sayuka.

The old sea dog Morofeto Liano can be found on the docks at the southwest side. Ironically, you can then use your increased Intimidate skill to force him to give you the magic amulet Claim And Refusal, which can either increase or decrease your damage dealt and received depending on which half of the amulet's ability is active. Sayuka trainer location. The open world of the Deadfire Archipelago is absolutely huge, so there may be more trainers to be found in hidden locations.

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