Vw 00778

Remember Me? Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I'm having some issues with my car. I have tried to explain what happens below. I have also attached an autoscan. The steering wheel light usually turns off within a second.

They often return 3 or 4 times in one instance. After this, it may not come on for a day or so. Or it could return within hours. In VCDS measuring blocks, when the light comes on the steering angle sensor freezes. It also say the steering angle sensor is not initialised.

golf V 02546 - Steering Limit Stop: No or Incorrect Basic Setting / Adaptation

Now, it also says the sensor is defective intermittent. But the sensor is a new one from VW. I have had the steering angle sensor replaced with a new one, but the fault persists. I have followed the Ross-Tech website on reseting and recalibrating the sensor. But it hasn't worked. In fact, it will not let me run basic settings in group It is almost as if the battery is dropping out or the sensor is losing power but the battery is brand new and to the correct specification.

I bought the car in December, and the battery was on its last legs. The owner had the wrong sized tyres fitted to the front.

vw 00778

I have changed these to the correct size. Finally, when the mechanic was installing the new sensor, he noted that the slip ring centre line was not aligned with the one on the steering wheel, making it seem like the tracking was correct, but it wasn't. He's corrected that now and the steering is off centre slightly.

Steering angle sensor (G85) 00778

To go in a straight line, the steering wheel is at an angle of around 7. To centre it to 0. Could this be the issue? Below is my autoscan. On the scan, I have had the paddle faults for a while, but only just noticed the wiper and steering control faults. Not sure if that may be because of the recent work? Or could it indicate the clock spring is faulty?Remember Me?

Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. MK5 Golf 1K Problem calabrating steering.

Can i ask for advice with this one please, i know it can cause problems and i have read lots of posts here. And I have have read and followed the instructions on the wiki.

This car has ate mk60 abs esp so the steering angle sensor is under the steering wheel. I have tried dozens of times now to reset this. I have carried out this procedure on many vag vehicles with vcds over the years and while some have taken a few attempts. This one is getting the better of me at the moment. The vehicle came to me a few weeeks ago. The customer had had a flat battery and got another garage to get it started.

They then found the steering required resetting. Which they attemted to do with a snap on scan tool. When that failed to work they jumped to the conclusion that it must have a faulty steering angle sensor.

ZIP Code 00778

Probably due to the fault code and live data showing zero degrees at all times. They also thought the sensor was in the steering rack. Then they found a new rack was very expensive.

The customer agreed and the recon rack was fitted but they still could not set the steering angle sensor. At this point the gave up and told the customer they could do no more.

Thats when i got involved the story i got was "I have had a new steering rack fitted can you calabrate the angle sensor".Please make sure you have panned and zoomed to the area that you would like to have printed using the map on the page. After it shows the area that you are interested in, select from the options below to print your map.

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Learn More. Dismiss Notice. Cookies Snack. Hi all I have today replaced my tail lights for facelift ones Everything went well cruise control works and indicators and main beem all good etc etc However when i removed the wheel the steering angle sensor did move i have done my best to centre align the wheel and sensor again but this fault comes up witch i have heard if u test drive the car and do a lock in each direction and then drive above 20mph in a straight line for a certain amount of time the sensor can re initialize itself i have just done a 30 mile trip and it still is there Any ideas how long it takes for this to happen???

Is the wheel off centre? Yes it is however before i changed anything today it was slightly out But i put it back as close as to what it was originally earlier and it still came up with the same fault I then since have centred it and the issue is still there When i took the car for a 30 mile trip i didnt have the airbag on It was fully disconnected as it saved taking it on and off and fiddling with the battery every half hour.

VCDS (vag com) Steering Assist Adjustment

I am reconnecting the air bag in a mo and then going for another spin to see if it re initilizes itself After that im out of ideas tbh. The steering angle sensor shouldn't be messed with if you move it on removal of the wheel its extremely difficult to get back in the correct position.

A steering angle sensor will come preset in a default position once installed there's a pin that should be removed its probably damaged. I'd suggest buying a new one but their not cheap, i sourced mine from Australia. The ESP light will remain on until its sorted. Cheers m8 but i have had it plugged in on vcds and it turns out it was out by degrees Its not difficult to get into position, there is technically only one position it can be in as the airbag plug and locating pins only locate in the wheel in one place You have already said your wheel is not on straight I would in the first instance get your steering aligned and go from there.

However i've noticed the steering wheel is slightly off centre when driving straight.Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? April 10,AM. Thank You -Given: 73 -Receive: 83 Posts: My Mk5 has been parked up for a few weeks.

The battery went completely flat. Car now starts, electrics work etc. The car has then been sat for another week, but still starts fine. I get the expected power steering, ABS and traction control lights on the dash.

This time, the Steering Limit Stop incorrectly coded fault will not clear. Steering angle sensor in measuring blocks does not change from 0 in VCDS when the wheel is turned. I changed steering wheel coding from to rear wiper, on-board computer via wiper stalk. This gets rid of the incorrectly coded error, although mfsw no longer works, but just to eliminate things With module 16 no longer showing errors, measuring blocks for steering angle sensor still don't register when the steering wheel is turned.

Stays at 0. I'm hoping the steering angle sensor or steering wheel control module hasn't randomly gone faulty Edit: the incorrectly coded error came back so I have set the coding back to Maybe the steering wheel control module is faulty?

Even though I have done the G85 basic settings, measuring blocks show G85 has not be initialised. This in turn means the steering stop limit cannot be completed. After a bit of googling it is possible the problem could also be a faulty wheel speed sensor. This will show if any of them are not operating correctly. I'll also check sensor, wiring and rotor. For now, I have no power steering. I figured this out so here it is in case it helps others Symptoms My battery had gone totally flat as the car had been sat for a while.

On re charging the battery, all the warning lights were on the dash. My issue was that the G85 Steering Angle Sensor would appear to accept basic settings, but they were not taking effect. Steering angle in measuring blocks ABS, group 4 was showing 0 degrees, even when turning the steering wheel. As a result, power steering was disabled and ABS was cutting in when coming to a normal stop at junctions, round abouts etc.

vw 00778

The error regarding Steering incorrectly coded was a red herring and is still happening intermittently. G85 will not accept basic settings if there are faults present in the ABS module.Forums New posts Trending Search forums. Showcase New items New comments Latest reviews Search showcase. Media New media New comments Search media. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. About Us.

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vw 00778

Thread starter ckigmon Start date Nov 14, Tags abs light clockspring esp light steering angle sensor steering wheel light. Hello everyone, After trying everything I can think of besides taking my car to the shop, I am at a loss. My problem started simple enough with my airbag light coming on and then a few days later the steering wheel controls started to work intermittently.

After doing a little research I found out the problem was a failing clockspring. I removed the old clockspring after disconnecting the batteryfound out its part number and ordered a new one from 1stvwparts. As usual after you disconnect the battery the esp and steering wheel light came on and the airbag light was still on as well. After doing more research I found out that there was a procedure you might need to do in order to reset the steering angle sensor.Relax with V-Tex leatherette seating surfaces, heated front seats, and a panoramic sunroof that lets the light in.

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vw 00778

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